NYC increases security following terror attack in London

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – In the wake of the terror attack in London, an increase in security here at home.

The NYPD not taking any chances in the event of a copy-cat; once again beefing up security, including bomb sniffing dogs, extra officers, and heavy weapons teams.

NYPD’s Chief of Counterterrorism discussed the technology being used to prevent an incident from happening.

“There’s a lot of technology we use. Our radiation detection system, our chemical detection system, our cameras, our network of cameras which are in the 12-thousand plus,” said Chief James Water, NYPD Counterterrorism.

Officials say there have been no direct threats to New York City but they are monitoring intelligence.

Governor Cuomo called for increased security at bridges, tunnels, area airports, and mass transportation.

Additional security is visible outside and inside major commuter hubs like Penn Station.

The president of Amtrak’s police labor committee, David Pearlson said the attack in London highlights the need to make sure officers in the U.S. responsible for protecting rail systems are prepared to help prevent such incidents.

“Amtrak police officers assigned to Penn Station received long overdue upgrades in equipment and staffing, but we want to make sure those improvements continue in the long term,” Pearlson said.

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