Move Over law enforcement campaign underway in Cohoes

COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A reminder for drivers to be aware of any emergency vehicles on the side of the road.

People being pulled over in Cohoes on Wednesday were not being handed a ticket pamphlets to educate them on the Move Over law.

Tom Brennan has owned T&T towing in Cohoes for 30 years.

He says on average one tow truck driver a week is killed because of drivers who don’t move over or slow down.

“Right on this highway, I’ve had one of my tow trucks hit, clobbered, and rolled over by a vehicle that wasn’t paying attention.”

That’s why he parked his truck on 787 in Cohoes and partnered with the police department to educate people on the move over law.

“It’s a serious thing. People are dying out here you need to pay attention.”

For the short time our camera was rolling, dozens of people failed to move over.

“It’s been an eye opener even for us. We did not expect this many people to be defiant of the law.”

Even Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse was shocked at the number of people who were breaking the law.

“Almost every other car just as you can see goes by and it doesn’t even abide by the law.”

He’s made it his mission to make 787 as safe as possible and this is just another step.

“And get the heck over so that they’re not killing our tow truck drivers or our public safety people.”

Brennan says the law gives him the room to do his job safely.

“They see the tow truck and they don’t move over but they never know where we’re going to step out from.”

He’s had several encounters with people who pass too close to him while on the job.

“Sometimes they don’t just hit me they hit me with their mirror. I’ve been hit numerous times over the years with the mirror.”

On Wednesday, those unsafe drivers were just given a warning.

But for people like Brennan, every day out on roads like this, he’s putting his life in your hands.

“Move over for all of us so we’re safe out here and we can go home to our families at night.”

On Wednesday, you’ll get just a warning if you don’t move over on 787 but after that, it’s a ticket.

Tow trucks were added to the move over law several years ago.

Assemblyman John McDonald is also pushing for more ways to make them visible. He is co-sponsoring a statewide law that would add blue lights to the back of tow trucks so people can see them better.

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