Candidate who withdrew candidacy leads Amsterdam alderman race

AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A tight race for alderman of Ward 2 in Amsterdam.

One candidate withdrew his candidacy in July, but his name still appeared on the ballot and now he’s in the lead.

As residents in Amsterdam headed to the polls for their primary elections two names appeared on the ballot for alderman in Ward 2.

James Glorioso would take the lead by 10 votes.

In a bizarre twist, Glorioso isn’t running.

“It was a surprise to us!”

Glorioso publicly pulled out of the race a month before to focus on other projects.

The Board of Elections says it was too late to remove his name from the ballot.

Former Ward 2 Alderwoman Valerie Beekman should have been the only name on the ballot, but she says she doesn’t feel slighted.

“As you get older, things don’t bother you like they used to,” Beekman said.

Now, many homeowners are wondering what happens next.

“All probably wondering if he’s going to go ahead and run for the general election,” Rudy Suttle, of Amsterdam, said.

Glorioso says he’s prepared to step up and take the post as the Democratic nominee, despite plans to run for Montgomery sheriff in 2018

“I think about it and these people really believe in me, they really want the change. They wanted this so much they voted for me knowing I wasn’t running. So I think the most important thing for me to do is at least give them the option on the ballot and fight for it.”

He and Beekman do agree on one thing they want to see Amsterdam succeed.

“If he wins, I hope he does well. I want to see Amsterdam prosper, do well and become a great community.”

There are still 16 absentee votes that have not been counted.

Glorioso is only 10 votes ahead so this primary election is still anyone’s race.

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