Glens Falls meteorologists track ship routes, Hurricane Irma

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – When we think about the threat of hurricanes our focus is mainly on land, but what about the thousands of cargo and cruise ships at sea?

Meteorologists may be more than 1,000 miles away from southern Florida, but they’re playing a vital role in keeping people safe from Hurricane Irma by analyzing the data in their Glens Falls office.

A rainbow of colors with monitors showing weather models and geographical information that the room full of meteorologists are using to direct ships out of harm’s way.

“I can tell you that I haven’t seen an eye wall so defined. Irma has stayed pretty close to maintaining its strength even weeding itself through islands,” Stasu Bizzarro, of Weather Routing, Inc., said.

With Hurricane Harvey and now Irma and two others on the way, the folks at Weather Routing have been busy.

“In our company’s history, we have not had as many ships impacted over a short period of time than we have this past week or two.”

Bizzarro and the rest of the team are constantly forecasting and giving advice to captains of cargo ships, fancy yachts, and even major cruise lines.

“When you’re dealing with storms this large and this gigantic, you just don’t want to put people in an uncomfortable situation, even.”

With multiple areas affected by severe weather, it becomes a scramble to guide ships to a safe port through congested channels.

“You almost have to look at five, six, or seven days out in the marine industry.”

That’s why the forecasting is so important. Not only are supply, demand, and recreation at risk, but also lives.

Staff is monitoring the weather 24/7.

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