Police searching for road rage suspect in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Troy Police are asking for help in identifying a man they say was involved in a nasty road rage incident.

Most of the time when people get angry with one another on the roadways they shake their fists or yell, they don’t get out of their car and puncture the other person’s tires.

It may sound crazy but police say they are looking into these allegations involving the passenger of a vehicle at this intersection.

The complainant told police he was driving his car northbound on 787 Monday afternoon around 2 p.m. when another driver began to act aggressively by tailgating them. So they took the South Troy exit and that vehicle also followed them.

The cars came to the stop light just over the bridge at 378 and Morrison.

“A passenger from the vehicle behind them that aggressively driving vehicle got out and stabbed both the passenger side tires of the vehicle in front of them,” Cpt. Dan DeWolf said. “This caused the tires to go flat.”

Things didn’t end there.

Cpt. DeWolf says the victim told police the passenger climbed back into the vehicle and the driver then followed his car to this Speedway gas station.

“These people followed them into that parking lot and got into their face. They had a knife I guess on their side. They weren’t like menacing them with the knife.”

Not before a passenger in the victim’s car captured the alleged confrontation with their cellphone as well as images of the young man whom they claim punctured their tires.

Troy Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying this young man.

Evidence technicians returned to the Speedway to retrieve security camera video.

“There is video everywhere nowadays. It’s just kind of over the top and it’s scary. Thank God nothing more happened.”

Witnesses described the aggressive vehicle as being Older model Hyundai tan or gold color.

Police ran the plate number provided by witnesses. Police say it comes back to an NYC dealership that they are now in contact with.

If you have any information on this case you’re asked to give Troy Police a call.

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