Power restored to Green Island residents after car knocked down utility pole

GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Power was restored to Green Island residents after a car crashed into a utility pole Monday morning and brought down power lines.

Police said the driver was swerving to avoid another vehicle when she overcorrected and slammed into a utility pole and took down transformers and wires with it. The crash knocked out power from the Collar City Bridge south.

“The whole house shook. I didn’t know what happened,” said Colleen Green said.

Green said she was woken out of a sound sleep by the sound of an explosion. When she got up to look out the window, she saw sparks flying.

“I thought the house was on fire,” she said. “All these wires were live. They were sparking. I wasn’t coming out of the house.”

She rushed to the front door and found a car had slammed into the utility pole right outside her home.

“The car was just sitting there with the radio on,” she said. “I didn’t see anybody at that point.”

Police said the driver was uninjured and able to get out on her own.

Also without power were the residents of Cornerstone Independent Senior Living. But as the saying goes: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

For residents at Cornerstone, the crash outside their building was the lemon that gave them the reason to have coffee and donuts with neighbors.

For Jennifer Cole-Arno, it was a much better option that making her way up and down the darkened hallways.

The Village of Green Island is not serviced by National Grid. It has its own power authority, which works to keep the residents’ bills low.

“However, when something dramatic happens like this, it takes forever,” Cornerstone resident Barbara Castracani said.

A contractor hired by the power authority arrived while NEWS10 ABC was on the scene. Castracani said it could have been worse.

“It could have been the winter, and we’re all freezing in there,” she said. “Life’s an adventure. What can you say?”

George Street will be closed from the Green Island Bridge to Lafayette Street until repairs are complete.

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