Scottish heritage on full display at Altamont Fairgrounds

ALTAMONT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s time for the annual Capital District Scottish Games.

The weekend full of Scottish fun kicked off today at the Altamont Fairgrounds, Saturday morning.

It’s a weekend for the Scotts that kicked off with pipe band contests Scottish dancing and so much more.

“It’s like a 12 ring circus, everything is going on at once so everyone is walking around watching the highland athletes tossing the caver and things like that; the highland dancers who we just saw a little while ago and the pipe band competition,” said Bill Munro, former festival director.

The 40th annual Scottish Games at the Altamont Fairgrounds was no small affair.

“Well we usually get about ten thousand today on the Saturday and usually about half of that on Sunday so all together we’ll probably have about fifteen thousand people in here this weekend,” Munro said.

Saturday began with a Highland Dancing Competition and a gathering of traditional Scottish clans.

“All these are clans from the Scottish highlands and lowlands and we invite them here once a year to come to the games to display some of the things that are part of their family history and give the visitors an opportunity so see whether they might be connected with that clan or see some of things they might display,” said Jene Gordon, of Clan and Society.

Even those without Scottish heritage would feel right at home and immersed in the culture. A dog show hosted by NEWS10’s Steve Caporizzo brought out plenty furry friends. Vendors came with Scottish food and drink, and of course, there were kilts galore.

“Wearing a kilt, the only thing you have under your kilt is your shoes and socks so you’re legally allowed to walk around like that and it’s just fun,” said Ryan O’Donnell, Vendor for Highland Kilt Company.

If you missed out on the fun Saturday, you still have one more opportunity to pick up a kilt and witness the excitement. The games continue Sunday with pipe band performances and so much more.

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