Court documents reveal glimpse into months of alleged torture in Oswego County

ALBION, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – New information is emerging in a disturbing case that alleges the savage beating and torture of an Oswego County child over the course of several months.

Three people have been arrested in connection with the torture of a 10-year-old at a home in Albion. A fourth person faces child endangerment charges for allowing the reported abuse to continue.

Court documents obtained by NewsChannel 9 WSYR offer a look at the case as its relayed by an investigating officer – and also the child victim.

The three suspects in the brutal beatings – Gary Bubis Jr., Shawn Whaley, and Brandy Shaver – all face assault charges, and all three are behind bars.

In court documents, the victim describes being taken – as punishment – to a remote dirt and stone road to run while carrying weighted bags,

According to the documents, Whaley tied a rope around the victim’s waist and then attached it to a car.

The victim was then forced to run as Whaley followed in the car.

In a four-page statement to police, the child said, ‘I couldn’t keep up and was pulling on the ground. I yelled for Shawn to stop. Shawn said ‘I’m not stopping.’ It hurt really bad.’

The child describes physical abuse from Bubis that went on for months – beginning with slapping, and escalating to blows from what they described as “the beating stick.”

According to documents, the beating stick was a rolled up newspaper wrapped in electrical tape.

The child’s 12-year-old sister told the Sheriff’s Office told police that she was asked to hit the victim with the beating stick.

The 10-year-old described being fed one meal a day – a dinner covered in hot sauce – at their house in Albion.

The victim also said, “Gary locks the cupboards and fridge so I can’t eat unless they feed me.”

The investigator said that the victim appeared very nervous and upset, and noted that the child continued to eat in his presence, seeming unusually hungry.

He said the child continued to eat snack during the transport to the hospital, and while in pediatric ER.

On Friday, the children were ordered into the custody of a family member who was not connected with the incidents.

Orders of protection have been issued preventing any of the suspects from making contact with the victim or the other children.

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