PA system stolen from local Pop Warner league

PHOTO: Viewfinder Variety

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The sounds of team spirit have been muted for a local Pop Warner football league.

The team’s PA system was stolen.

“I don’t think anyone who does something like that is thinking about anyone else but themselves,” Schenectady Belmont Pop Warner Pres. Jorge Colon said.

Colon said when he and several other parents took over the reins of the Schenectady Belmont Pop Warner football league, which calls the Mont Pleasant Athletic Field their home, the focus was on making much needed improvements.

“We go to other fields and we see that kids have announcers and beautiful uniforms,” he said. “This year, our goal was to bring our Pop Warner to that level. So we started off with the concession stand. We got a PA system.”

The PA system was on a table in the concession stand. During Monday night’s practice, when the stand was unlocked, someone snuck in and stole the speakers to the system.

“Speaker stands, microphones, they are all here. All they took were the speakers off the shelf.”

“It’s just messed up,” Sean Kent, Jr. said.

A police report was made, but now Sean’s dad and a league of other Pop Warner parents are also on the case.

“I got a call this morning saying these may be your speakers,” Kent Sr. said.

He said a pair of speakers matching theirs popped up on a local reseal app on Tuesday. They didn’t want to disclose which one, but they did say the seller posting the ad said he was from Schenectady and the settings on the speakers were the same.

“We saw them for sale online. We don’t know for sure, yet, but we are looking into it, and we are working with the police to see if there’s a solution so we can get them back.”

Colon said the speakers cost around $280.

“It doesn’t cost a ton, but that $280 was like a million to these kids and this program,” he said.

An order for new speakers is already on its way, but the league said they still want their old speakers back.

Colon told NEWS10 ABC Wednesday evening that they were able to meet up with the alleged thief alongside police and officers made an arrest. NEWS10 has a call into police to confirm.

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