Hudson Valley wineries getting ready for harvest season after soggy summer

VALLEY FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A handful of local wineries are now officially part of the Upper Hudson Wine Trail and expecting more visitors than ever.

Local wineries along the newly established Upper Hudson Wine Trail are getting ready for a busy grape harvest season.

In the tasting room of the Northern Cross Winery, owner Andrew Weber pours a glass of red. His expanding vineyard is on track to make twice as much wine as last year, but more rain and a cool summer has slowed down the ripening process.

“I mean, I would love to have had since mid-July, and probably every other farmer would say the same thing, is nice dry weather,” he said.

Two miles away at Amorici Vineyard, the giant clusters of grapes made it through the rainy season.

“There was so much rain, some of the grapes were actually busting open from too much,” owner Joe Messina said.

His ancestors made wine in Italy, and he continues the tradition making about 10,000 bottles of wine with help from some unique employees.

“Amorici issues chickens from insect control, so we don’t use chemical pesticides, and then we also use them for fertilizers,” Messina explained.

At Victory View Vineyard in Schaghticoke, owner Gerry Barnhart said the increased rain has meant more vegetation growth leaving grapes in the shade.

All that vegetation has to be pulled back by hand. A painstaking process but the farmers are used to the hard work – and the fruits of their labor.

The harvest season begins in fall. The entire process usually takes a few weeks, a whole lot of friends, and a few glasses of wine.

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