Today marks 6th year anniversary of Tropical Storm Irene

SCHOHARIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – If you want to understand what it’s like to recover from a hurricane’s wrath, you need to look no further than Schoharie County.

The 6th anniversary of when Irene rained down upon the village of Schoharie, nearly wiping it off the map.

It was August 28, 2011, when hurricane turned tropical storm pummeled the tiny Village of Schoharie. Directly in her path was David Henry’s family home.

He and his wife Colleen say they would have lost all hope had it not been for another kind of flood, a wave of kind hearted volunteers.

“They had a particular skill set that I just didn’t have and they just got us going,” David Henry, Irene Survivor, said.

There are still stark reminders of Irene’s unwelcome visit.

There are plenty of vacant homes.

At the sheriff’s department, there is a jail that has remained closed.

Six years ago today dispatchers Amy Wayman and Jeanette Storey refused to leave their post at the county 911 call center.

They along with Sheriff Tony Desmond and his entire department were recognized by the American Legion for their efforts.

Amy and Jeanette both say their thoughts are with those down south caught in Harvey’s grip, including 911 dispatchers.

“I can’t even to begin to imagine what they’re going through,” Wayman said.

“There 911 system is at capacity. I can only imagine what dispatchers are going through,” Storey said.

Henry offered his advice to those affecting by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

“Just know that you’ll have to rely on lots of volunteers and family. With a lot of time and money, you’ll make it.”

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