Thumb tacks found on Niskayuna playground

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (NEWXS10) – An alarming picture is circling on Facebook showing tacks scattered all over a local playground.

The tacks have been cleaned up.

The Town’s Parks department was here earlier, keeping an eye on things. Many parents are worried the tacks were placed here intentionally.

“I was pretty shocked that it was right in my neighborhood where I take my son almost every day to play,” Tanya Callahan said.

Callahan had to see it for herself. She lives near Avon Crest Park in Niskayuna, a popular spot for many children.

“My son’s a toddler and he could have, not only played on them and got hurt, but he could have picked them up and put them in his mouth.”

The photo picked up traction on Facebook with more than 900 shares.

Some people are worried that the tacks were placed here on purpose.

The tacks weren’t just found on the playground. A town employee says he found them scattered near the picnic tables Monday morning.

We found a few more, hidden nearby. They were nearly impossible to spot unless you’re looking for them.

Another reason why Callahan says she will scour the next playground to make sure her son is safe.

“We all want to hope it’s an accident, we all want to think that our neighborhood is safe but it’s kind of a weird accident.”

Police remind parents if you see something like this, contact them immediately, and do not touch anything until police arrive.

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