New York Air National Guard deployed to Texas

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – In response to the tragic events in Texas this weekend, Governor Andrew Cuomo sent resources over to Texas.

“It’s important that New York state steps up, does its part, and show that we’re a part of the United States of America,” Assemblyman John McDonald said.

Assemblyman McDonald says New York is also doing its own part in helping Texas during this devastating disaster.

On Saturday, Gov. Cuomo sent over three helicopters, one crop plane, 24 para-rescue men, which is the Air Force Special Operations team, and 106 personnel from the 106th Rescue Wing from the New York Air National Guard. Every single one of the 106 personnel are volunteers.

“Whenever I’ve seen mutual aid provided to our community I’ve always been appreciative. I’m sure the people in Texas will be as well.”

“Governor Cuomo reached out and we answered the call,” Capt. Michael O’Hagan, of the New York Air National Guard Public Affairs Officer, said. “Within 24 hours, our first aircraft was already in the air bringing personnel and assets.”

Captain O’Hagan says it is important for states to aid each other in disasters like this since coming together is what makes America strong.

“This is our country we’re absolutely willing and proud to step in and help out.”

According to a spokesperson from the governor’s office, these are the only resources that will be sent over from NY to Texas as of now.

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