Police: Man shot by officers in Glenville was suicide by cop

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York State Police say the officer-involved shooting that led to the death of Brian Skinner was a suicide by cop situation.

Police say Skinner used his own cell phone to call 911 pretending that there was someone upstairs with a gun in his home.

“The last thing he did in the call was to scream so he made it into a very threatening situation to make sure that the police came there,” Robert Carney, the Schenectady County District Attorney, said.

Sadly, DA Carney and police believe Shenendehowa 5th grade Teacher Brian Skinner wanted to be killed by police, which is exactly what happened the night police say he ran towards them with a kitchen knife in his hand outside his Glenville home.

“Two things that go against any law enforcement officer with any type of weapon like that are time and distance and we’re losing both by somebody charging at us,” New York State Police Captain Richard O’Brien said.

Police say Skinner was shot six times. DA Carney says he attempted suicide three times prior and had a history of depression and at times did receive treatment for it.

Police say inside Skinner’s garage they found evidence of a recent suicide attempt.

“None of us wants to go to work and have to do this. This is the last thing that we want to have to see. The last thing that we want to have to do or be forced to do,” Glenville Police Chief Stephen Janik said.

During the ordeal, Glenville officer Ben Ferretti was shot in the abdomen by friendly fire.

Police say they’re still trying to determine what weapon discharged the bullet that hit Ferretti who is still recovering.

Police say an autopsy showed Skinner had suffered a small stroke recently, but they don’t know if that contributed to Skinner’s actions.

“A lot of people who knew him as a good person and he probably was a very good person but that night there was a different person that we dealt with,” Chief Janik said. “We also have to be conscious and sure that we take care of people that were also there that were forced to do this.”

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