Locals prepping for the ripple effects of Hurricane Harvey

A power generator tips in front of Texas’ CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, as Hurricane Harvey hits Friday, Aug. 25, 2017. (Courtney Sacco /Corpus Christi Caller-Times via AP)

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People in the Capital Region are preparing for the potential impacts of Hurricane Harvey.

Category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast Friday night, but it’s predicted to cause a ripple effect across the country, including increased gas prices.

“I drive approximately 30,000 miles a year,” John Delledonne said.

Delledonne drives a lot as a contractor, so he doesn’t welcome the news of potential higher gas prices.

“Not happy; I don’t have a choice, though,” he said. “I have to get to work. It’s just a part of my expenses.”

Prices are expected to increase on Sunday and Monday after Harvey makes landfall.

“When damage reports start to flow in, we’ll likely start to see wholesale gas prices jump,” gasbuddy.com analyst Patrick Dehaan said.

Dehaan said a big problem is the hurricane hitting an area that’s home to about one-third of the country’s refineries – some of which were shut down until the storm passes.

“Without these refineries, there simply is not enough gasoline to meet demand,” he said.

Nine volunteers from Red Cross of Northeastern NY will fly to the affected areas Saturday morning. More are expected to head to the Gulf with the team’s emergency response vehicle on Monday.

“We’re seeing this storm’s projection as being just devastating and affecting so many people,” Kevin Coffey said. “The Red Cross is preparing and responding and will help these folks recover from this disaster.”

While no one knows the hurricane’s full impact, volunteers and drivers are ready for whatever happens.

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