Hitler artifacts pulled from Saratoga gun show

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A rocky start to a local gun show after promoters planned to display Adolf Hitler memorabilia.

The highly controversial pieces would have been on display at the City Center.

Gun show promoter says the intention was to promote the end of Nazism, many didn’t see it that way and the items have been pulled.

David Petronis preserves pieces of history.

When it comes to Adolf Hitler memorabilia, many argue it goes too far.

Pieces of furniture from Hitler’s Munich apartment would have gone on display next week at a gun show in Saratoga springs.

Petronis says Hitler’s desk would have been draped with a German flag but that the intention was to promote the end of Nazism.

“Have a GI mannequin sitting on the flag with a dagger through the swastika. With a sign that says U.S. Conquers Hitler in 1945 because that’s when the desk was confiscated.”

The items stirred more controversy than Petronis would realize. Some called the decision divisive, provoking, and insensitive at best.

Others have mixed reactions.

“No, it’s not appropriate. That wouldn’t be appropriate at all,” Nicole Brown said.

“I’m not offended by it. It’s history absolutely. It’s what our Founding Fathers fought for,” John Lavalley said.

“It bothers me,” Donna White said.

“Yeah I find it odd that they would be promoting something like that,” Nicole O’Malley said.

“Not saying it’s right or wrong but it’s history,” Pat said.

Petronis says the decision to display the items was made months ago.

The recent uproar has been a wakeup call and he decided to pull the items.

“This was simply going to be an exhibition of historic items, Hitler’s desk among them. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Three months ago it seemed like a good idea,” Petronis said.

There will be some other pieces of history at the gun show including John Wayne memorabilia

The gun show has been a topic of contention over the years and was temporarily banned from the city in 2016. It returned in May with the help of Senator Marchione.

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