Wild coyotes wandering around Loudonville

LOUDONVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Neighbors who live off a very busy section of Route 9 are concerned about a group of coyotes that are populating the area and they want to know why.

The coyotes are big, mean, and not afraid of people.

The coyotes were captured on camera in an established in Loudonville neighborhood roaming on driveways just feet from people’s homes.

“Once they live in an urban environment or suburban they’re desensitized to being around people all the time,” Jim Comstock, a local trapper, said.

Comstock has been dealing with wild animals like coyotes for decades with his company Comstock Custom Cage. He says the animals are being pushed to suburban neighborhoods because humans aren’t threatening them the way they are in the wild or more rural regions.

“You can’t shoot in city limits so you’re limited as to what you can do,” Comstock said. “They’re not afraid they have no reason to be afraid because nobody’s shooting at them, nobody’s bothering them particularly so then they can become aggressive.”

Not to mention, they’re getting a good deal feeding off our garbage.

“I get a lot of dumpster related calls for skunks and squirrels and things because the dumpsters have plastic lids and they can chew on them.”

So how is the problem solved? Comstock believes as coyotes habits change, the law might need to as well.

“You have to leave that up to the government to find out what they will allow people to do because I mean if they have an open season on them like they do in Vermont. That means there’s no closed season you can shoot them any time of year you want.”

Experts are warning people if you do see these coyotes, do not approach them, stay away, and call your local trapper or animal control immediately.

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