Scavenger hunt rocking the Broadalbin community

BROADALBIN, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A new craze is rocking Broadalbin.

Take a stroll through downtown Broadalbin and you might find a little piece of hidden treasure. The hiding and seeking has become so popular, it’s spreading to other communities.

“I don’t think that’s going on anymore they’re all too busy with rocks,” Pam Bayes, Broadalbin Rocks Founder, said.

Rocks with hand painted designs of all kinds are hidden around town to be discovered by kids.

Bayes got the idea from her sister in Florida and started the Facebook group called Broadalbin Rocks.

“Everyone kept sharing it and it just went crazy.”

Now there are more than 1,000 members who find joy in painting rocks, hiding, and hunting them.

“It’s inexpensive and gives you quality time with your kids. Parents are enjoying it too.”

Bayes works at the same motel as Jamie Sena, who decided to bring the fun to nearby Mayfield.

She says the goal is simple, to spread kindness.

“If they’re having a bad day or something hopefully they come across one and it will make them feel a little better,” Sena said.

Even local businesses are joining in. JMB Towing is hiding rocks with Dunkin Donuts gift certificates attached to them.

“It’s just amazing how much this has blown up and you hear about it everywhere,” Joseph Blongiewicz, of JMB Towing, said.

This all proving this is a community that’s rock solid.

Even though the whole purpose is to get you outside, there is an online element.

If you find a rock, post a picture of it with the hashtag MayfieldRocks or BroadalbinRocks so its painter knows it found a good home.

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