Capital Region picks up after severe storms sweep through

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The chainsaws were roaring in Scotia Wednesday morning after a line of severe thunderstorms blew through the Capital Region and surrounding area Tuesday night.

Anytime storms sweep in the tree trimmers and wood chippers are never far behind. Sure enough, Nelson’s Tree Service says they had at least 20 jobs overnight and into Wednesday morning.

Juan Cruz says a large tree came crashing down around 8:00 Tuesday night, just missing his house, and falling on power lines.

Just a few streets over several trees fell on cars and homes.

Understandably, police officers and firefighters had their hands full. So Cruz took matters into his own hands and rigged up some lights to keep drivers from crashing into the down trees, taping headlamps on a tricycle and a bike and placing them in the road to alert drivers.

Bill Blum, just a few streets down from Cruz, was without power Wednesday morning. He says he’s been in the dark since 8:00 Tuesday.

“We activated all of our battery-powered lights. We had four going last night,” said Blum. “A little lantern in the living room and an automatic light that I can put in the bathroom.”

“Oh yes. I’m a Boy Scout, come on!” says Blum when asked if he was prepared.

Asked what he was going to with the rest of his day without power Blum said he has a car in his driveway that needs some work.

“It’s a good day to work outside,” he says.

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