Police conduct raid, make arrests after Hudson shootings

HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police made several arrests Wednesday as agents conducted a raid on State Street in Hudson.

Hudson police scoured homes on North 3rd Street in Hudson Wednesday. They shut down the block after the city’s third shooting in less than two weeks.

Two women and two toddlers suffered gunshot wounds. Tuesday night’s shooting was fatal. Kevin Whitening, 31, died after he was shot in the chest.

Eight people were arrested in a raid Wednesday night. Johnny Copeland and Kevron Lee are facing drug charges. An 18-year-old, who police are not identifying, is facing a weapons charge.

Di-Quann Powell is being held without bail as a fugitive from justice.

A fifth suspect was arrested last week. He’s charged with possessing a stolen weapon.

“Tonight, we conducted a raid at 537 State St. with a warrant,” Hudson Police Chief Edward Moore said. “Utilizing forces from New York State Police Shared Services Team and probably about 50 uniform police officers.”

The back-and-forth violence is part of a turf war between criminal rivals. Neighbors are wondering when it will all end.

“We heard a single gunshot,” Richard O’Neill recalled hearing on Tuesday. “It was unmistakable.”

“You know, it’s hard because we don’t really know much about motivations behind it,” Jackie O’Neill said. “It’s a little bit nervewracking, but Hudson also is a lovely place; bustling, and people are still going strong.”

Beth Stevens hopes to raise her children in the city. Watching the area turn into a crime scene has the young mother avoiding certain parts of town.

“It’s scary; it’s scary, especially when you’re a parent and have young children,” she said. “There have been innocent kids shot, and it’s devastating.”

One was released out of custody Wednesday.

Chief Moore said they found drugs in a house during the raid.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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