NY State Education Department releases test score results

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – School is just days away, but test scores for 2017 were released on Tuesday by the New York State Education Department.

The results showed that students seem to be scoring better this year than last.

The New York State Education Department released this year’s test math and English test results for grades three to eight. Overall the state did see a percentage increase in those proficient in these two subjects.

“We’re pleased with the scores, as I said, moving upward is a great direction to go but we have much work to do,” MaryEllen Elia, New York State Education Commissioner, said.

The results study the Big 5 school districts, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and NYC. Rochester saw the smallest percentage increase in English language arts while Syracuse saw the smallest increase in math.

“We have to focus on what they need, whether it’s in the school, whether it’s in the community, and whether they’re family needs support. We need to provide the kind of support that students need to be successful every day in the classroom,” Elia said.

The number of students who opted out of the test were also smaller this year, declining two percentage points. 1.1 million students were eligible to take the test and 900,000 students ended up taking it. Elia says this accounts to having made changes to the test in 2016.

“I think as parents realize that those changes have been made. They felt like they had been listened too and we’re being reflective of what they wanted.”

Click for a summary of results and district breakdown.

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