Eclipse event held at Schenectady Library

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The skies are back to their normal brightness in the Capital Region after the solar eclipse.

“This is my first eclipse ever in my life!” Ben Conand said.

For many in Schenectady, the solar eclipse was a first.

“The edge of the moon is already on the sun so I’m really excited,” Josephine said.

No matter what your age, the excitement is not eclipsed. People flocking to the Schenectady Public Library to get their hands on a pair of coveted safety glasses so they can watch the rare event with their own eyes.

“We had a line back up to Lafayette Street. It was a huge line of families and people of all ages here for this exciting event,” Karen Bradley, Director of the Schenectady County Library System, said.

Inside the library, a live stream set up to see how the eclipse is impacting other parts of the country. In the Capital Region, we are only getting a partial effect.

Bradley says coming to the library, you get much more than free glasses and a show, it’s all about education. Library staff were on hand to answer questions about the eclipse.

“There’s been a lot of people wondering can you drive during an eclipse people are asking all kinds of questions so it’s kind of good people are asking and learning.”

Experts say you can do just about anything during the rare solar event as long as you’re not looking straight into the sun. That’s unless you’re one of the lucky people at the public library who got their hands on a set of safety glasses.

“It’s pretty cool.”

If you missed today’s event, the next eclipse isn’t until 2024. It will be more of a total eclipse more centered in the Northeast.

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