8/15 Pet Connection: Bryan

This beautiful boy was born 2/26/17, so he’s six months old. Bryan was found with his siblings behind a warehouse in Rotterdam. We easily caught the six kittens and three adult males, but mama kitty was too smart for the trap!

Bryan is a gorgeous long-haired black beauty! He likes attention from people, but he’s not so thrilled about being picked up.

He prefers human interaction on his terms, and he occasionally commandeers his foster mom’s lap by burrowing UNDER one or more felines already happily ensconced therein!

Bryan gets along great with other cats, so it would be best if he could go to a home with at least one other cat.

All of his siblings have been adopted. We don’t know why Bryan has been overlooked. Perhaps it’s because he’s all black. Black cats are the hardest to place, and Kitten Angels has a bumper crop of black cats and kittens. Please consider adding a house panther to your family!

Kitten Angels 518-573-9906

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