Glens Falls double murder case yields new information, victims identified

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – People came together for a vigil to honor the lives of Crystal Riley and her daughter, Lilly Frasier on Saturday night.

A memorial was created outside a home at the corner of South and Murray Streets.

People payed their respects for the mom and daughter who were murdered Friday morning.

“I just cannot believe this would happen to her,” said Holly Johnson.

Crystal Riley and her 4-year-old year old daughter Lilly Frasier touched many lives, including Holly Johnson and her kids. Riley cared for them for more than 12 years at an area daycare center.

“Always had a smile on her face, very hard-working, loving mother,” Johnson said.

“She was a good person overall, always laughing and playing around with the other children,” said Anthony Johnson.

According to a law enforcement source, Riley and Frasier were murdered early Friday morning and found in their home on South Street with knife wounds.

Family, friends and members of the community came together for a vigil Saturday night to remember their lives and share memories.

Riley’s former high school classmate, Cassandra Randall was one of them.

“I just feel so bad that something like this happened to her. She didn’t deserve it, none of her family deserved it,” Randall said.

Police arrested 21-year-old Bryan Redden and charged him with murder.

A source familiar with the investigation says Redden admitted to a friend that he was involved in multiple deaths just before he was arrested.

While this remains under investigation, it’s all hard for Johnson and others to believe what happened.

“It’s scary to know that somebody in this area would be capable of doing something like that and our hearts go out to her family and to her other children,” Johnson said.

The source familiar to the investigation said redden and riley didn’t know each other for very long and that it’s believed they had a short-term romantic relationship.

Redden will be back in court on Tuesday, August 15.


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