Cartoon and Cereal Bowl held at Proctors

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Kids ate cereal and watched cartoons on the biggest screen in the northeast Saturday morning at Proctors theater.

The Cartoon and Cereal Bowl was held in Schenectady with episodes of cartoons and tons of cereal available to eat.

It was an unlimited cereal and a cartoon marathon that made the whole family feel nostalgic.

“I have very fond memories of when I was about eight or nine years old sitting in front of the TV              watching my Garfield and friends or my GI Joe and you can do it here! Doesn’t matter how old you are I can come back and do it; they give me the cereal they give me the cartoons so I said, ‘yeah that sounds like a good idea’,” said attendee, Jesse Bisceglia.

At Proctors, Cartoon and Cereal Bowl people come out for a three hour cartoon marathon on an incredible four story screen and of course an all you can eat cereal buffet.

“I like Lucky Charms I also like Cocoa Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles, I also like a lot of other ones that I haven’t even heard of,” said Maggie Kelly, attendee.

The cartoons they play are meant to make people of all ages smile with everything from old MTV music videos to classic shows.

Peter Hughes: “Commercials, PSAs, infomercials, MTV Music videos, classic stuff; all nostalgic, all from your childhood,” said Peter Hughes, Proctors’ Director of Marketing and Account Management.

Hundreds of people came out to this event today for a relaxing morning and a sweet bite of childhood.

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