Traffic and road repair concerns near Rivers Casino

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Construction may be getting worse on Erie Boulevard near Rivers Casino in Schenectady.

Businesses on Erie Blvd. are feeling the pinch because they say the construction is relentless and they’ve seen fewer customers because of it.

Frank Martin from Morrette’s King Steak House is anxious for this construction to be over.

He says it’s crushing their lunch crowd.

“As you can see, we usually have six or eight tables at this time,” Martin said. “Usually before noon, we’ve done 15 to 20 tickets. Right now, we’re lucky to get a dozen in.”

For months, Erie Blvd. has been a construction zone with cars finagling around traffic cones.

Crews are working on water mains and sewer lines, which is a bit chaotic for businesses along the strip.

“They keep digging all these holes. Working here, down there, and coming back. It’s making a big mess,” Harry Patel said.

Patel had to shut down his deli at Country Farms when not enough customers walking into his shop.

“The meat is not moving that fast, and we don’t want to have bad meats for the customer so we have it shut down right now.”

Drivers will see some relief after the weekend. Crews will pave a thin, temporary layer of asphalt on Saturday but they say expect long delays.

“Once it’s done it’s going take maybe a couple of months, then people will come back. I’m hoping for it!”

Back at Morrette’s, its entrance blends in with construction. Luckily, the family-owned business says they’ve survived worse.

“Everything’s worth the wait. It’s what you do in the meantime,” Martin said. “You know, can you survive to the end of it. We can survive because we try to keep our costs down and we work.”

Construction is expected to be complete by November 15.  That date could be pushed back if there are delays like inclement weather.

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