Man accused of murdering mother, child in Glens Falls pleads not guilty

GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The 21-year-old man accused of murdering a mother and her 4-year-old daughter inside a Glens Falls home Friday morning pleaded not guilty.

Bryan Redden was arraigned Friday night on one count of Murder in the First Degree and one count of Murder in the Second Degree.

He pleaded not guilty to both charges.

“Obviously, any time a child dies, that’s a tragedy,” Acting Warren Co. District Attorney Jason Carusone said. “It is an ongoing investigation, and there’s evidence that is being collected and I think in the future there may be more of those things – more availability – that are not available right now.”

Neighbors and friends of the victims were devastated and scared by the news.

“I find that really gruesome,” Theresa Hack said. “This is normally a friendly neighborhood. Everybody usually gets along. There’s no hate, nothing.”

“Heartbreaking. Like, I can’t imagine just being in my home with my child then having somebody come over and kill us,” Heather Martin said. “She was, from what I hear, an amazing person, very kind. Nice to everybody.”

Dick Wells, who lived nearby, says he knows the victims very well and was overcome with sadness.

“I cried like a baby. She was special. She never bothered nobody. Go to work come home.”

Wells is deeply puzzled by the double homicide.

“The baby she’d come in every night looking for a lollipop. She’s a beautiful little girl.”

The victim’s ex-boyfriend came to the scene on Friday, but police say he was not a suspect.

Police found a vehicle in connection with the crime at a local laundromat. An employee at Wash and Fold says the vehicle was towed away from the parking lot.

“It was just undercover,” Kathie Kelly, Wash and Fold employee, said. “I mean every kind of police officer imaginable was here, so it was a little scary.”

Crime scene tape surrounds the apartment building as police continue the investigation.

Police have not said how the mother and daughter were killed.

Redden will be back in court on August 15.

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