New simulators raise safe driving awareness

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Albany County Sheriff’s Department’s Safe Driving Force has unveiled new simulators meant to deter impaired drivers.

This go kart could change your perception of driving drunk simulates impaired driving.

The sheriff’s department is helping demo a new go cart called SIDNE. The idea behind it is to demonstrate what it’s like to be an impaired driver.

“With a handheld remote we can make you impaired and then it will go out of control and it will simulate text, it will simulate marijuana, it will simulate alcohol,” Sheriff Apple said.  “It’s a great awareness tool and it also will give you that pit in your stomach when you hit that person walking or the baby in the stroller.”

The go kart was not the only demo on site Friday. Impairment goggles, which are known to be very realistic, were also able to be tested at the event.

“I’m a recovering alcoholic 43 years. It just put me right back 43 years ago when I used to try to drive home and having to pick what lane I wanted to use,” Edward Biittig, Albany County Stop DWI/Choice Inc. Volunteer, said.

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