Community throws surprise birthday party for terminally ill teen

GANSEVOORT, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A terminally ill teenager got to celebrate his birthday early with the help of his community.

Caeden Frost’s wish came true. He got to celebrate this 16th birthday with everyone he loves. His mom, Jennifer Frost, said it’s what he wanted.

“When he found out he was really sick, he says ‘nothing’s going to happen to me until I have my 16th birthday,’ and these guys made it happen,” she said.

Caeden was born with a rare disease called Mitochondrial Myopathy, which weakens his muscles and causes him to lose energy when he does something as simple as eating or breathing.

“He lives every day in pain, and he so deserves this,” Jennifer said. “It took him a long time to get here, and he fought hard.”

His birthday isn’t until September, but doctors don’t know how much time he has left. Jennifer wanted to have a little get together for him, but it turned into much more.

Dozens of friends, family and members of the community came out to support Caeden. The Schuylerville High School football team gave him a jersey and football. He got to see owls, and a professional wrestler named him an honorary Heavyweight Champion.

It was all possible thanks to his friend, Kelly Slingerland, and the president of Maddie’s Mark Foundation, Erin Musto.

“Just for today, he won’t be thinking about: Oh, I’m on a breathing machine; Oh, I am taking all these medications,” Slingerland said.

“We worked alongside each other so that this could come together and not come out of the pockets of all the people that are going to support him,” Musto said.

And it meant the world to Caeden’s mom.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “Thank you because this is memories that I and my family and our friends will always have with us.”

Caeden loves to receive mail. You can send him a birthday card to the following address:

Caeden Frost
131 Pearl St.
Schuylerville, N.Y. 12871


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