Disturbing litter found at the Normanskill

BETHLEHEM, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A Capital Region woman says she’s finding evidence that a beloved waterway in the Town of Bethlehem is being trashed.

The woman says she recently found old medical waste along the shores of the Normanskill.

It’s a green corner in the town of Bethlehem that Christina Diamente considers heaven on earth.

“This is where they go fishermen go.”

She says her beloved Normanskill has being used as a dumping ground.

Recently, she found what appears to be old medical waste.

“I put it here so that no one would step on it. And then I saw that it was a C-h-o you can’t see the “L” e-r-a. Cholera vaccine.”

The bottle, containing a small amount of sandy liquid, appeared very old.

Where it came from? Who knows.

Christina says she called NEWS10 ABC to make the public aware of dumping and hoped that we might get answers.

“It begins with calls like the one you are making,” Gary Holmes, of the New York Department of Health, said. “We will incinerate it and that’s the best way to dispose of it.”

Hughes says the old vaccine was likely inert.

To be on the safe side, he called the fire department, which came right to NEWS10 ABC to pick up Wednesday afternoon.

The vial was bottled up and sealed with evidence tape.

It will be delivered to the NY Health Department who said they would go to the spot along the Normanskill where Christina originally found it.

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