Police chief injured in motorcycle crash released from hospital, recovering

SHARON SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Canajoharie Police Chief who was severely injured in a motorcycle crash is home from the hospital.

“It’s eight broken ribs. I’ve got a lacerated liver,” Canajoharie Police Chief Bryan MacFadden said.

In a lot of pain, but recovering Canajoharie Police Chief Bryan MacFadden is thankful to be alive.

His life changed in a split second, he says he was struck by a deer who hit the back of his BMW motorcycle along Route 10 in Sharon Springs on July 31st as he headed home from work at around 7 p.m.

“Suddenly one minute I was riding along. The next minute the bike wasn’t underneath me anymore and all of a sudden I hit the road and was in the ditch,” Chief MacFadden said.

Chief MacFadden was thrown from his motorcycle, he ended up on the side of the road calling for help. He says the only thing comforting to him was when he started to see some familiar faces.

“I’ll tell you the relief of seeing Joe Rorick’s face you have no idea. That relief was by far the biggest thing for me because I knew things would get taken care of.”

Rorick is the Sharon Springs Fire Chief and then another friend came to his rescue.

“Thomas Scully who’s a county paramedic and I’ve also known my whole life and I knew he was a highly trained paramedic so I knew whatever help I was going to get I was going to get from him,” MacFadden said.

MacFadden says he also has his motorcycle helmet to thank. He believes it saved his life.

“That helmet I will replace with the same one because it did so well.”

As MacFadden heals, he says the Canajoharie Police Department is in good hands.

“As soon as I get back we’ll be fine but until then things are covered,” MacFadden said.

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