Campaign signs disappearing in Milton

MILTON, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Things are getting heated in a local primary election as campaign signs are disappearing in the town of Milton.

One candidate for Milton town supervisor says someone is taking her campaign signs right out of the ground.

On Friday, a large wooden framed sign disappeared from Geyser Road in Milton without a trace.

“I think it’s a rotten thing to do. I think people can find better things to do.”

“I think it’s a malicious thing to do, and it’s an act of vandalism.”

People in the area say they’re surprised but no one is more shocked than candidate Barbara Kerr.

“I can’t believe it on a main street that they actually pulled it up,” Kerr said.

Not only was a large sign pulled up out of the ground, dozens of her lawn signs along Rock City Road have gone missing, too.

“About a three or four-mile stretch every one of the signs is gone.”

Kerr is currently on the town board and says she spent almost $100 on the large sign.

She says she saw the one on Geyser Road at 8 p.m. Friday but an hour later it was gone.

“For some reason, it has come down to this criminal activity.”

She says it hurts the voters.

“I feel like they’re taking their choice away from them.”

Even people who don’t live in the town agree.

“I think it affects everyone in every community.”

“It costs money to print and put up and it’s a shame.”

Others say there are too many campaign signs lining the roads in the area.

“It’s more like we should do our own research rather than just looking at signs.”

Kerr’s opponent Scott Ostrander says he’s been out of town and hadn’t heard about the thefts.

Kerr says she has no idea who would put this much effort into sabotaging her campaign.

“I’m not going to cave to this kind of activity,” Kerr said.

The Republican Primary for town supervisor is September 12.

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