Boil Water Advisory continues in Mechanicville

MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The New York State Department of Health says heavy rains have brought up particles in the reservoir that supplies the city’s water.

For some in Mechanicville, their water has been brown for about a month, and they were first told it was okay to drink.

“We really got ourselves a drinking problem they said we don’t need to stop.”

On Wednesday, that changed when the health department, as a precaution, ordered a Boil Water Advisory and advised people to drink bottled water.

“Is it safe to drink? Is it safe to shower in? Is it safe to do the dishes in? They tell us to boil water, what’s that mean? Have we got something wrong here? They should tell the people,” Pete Hanna, of Mechanicville, said.

Hanna lives and owns five apartment buildings.

“It’s cloudy and it’s very dirty. You take a shower in it and it looks like you just came out of a coal mine.”

NEWS10 ABC’S Lindsay Nielsen went to City hall for answers but was told no one could discuss it.

Mayor Dennis Baker was at the water plant says the water issue is also connected to equipment at the pump station malfunctioning on Wednesday. Having to shut the whole plant down, it’s now back up and running but the health department was collecting water samples on Thursday and officials say turbidity is the concern.

Hanna says he’s tried over and over to contact city officials.

“Phone rings and rings and rings and finally some worker up there answers and he probably doesn’t know any more about it than I do,” Hanna said.

According to the health department, turbidity refers to the cloudiness and brown color of the water and it determines water quality. They say they are concerned that the murkiness could be interfering with the disinfection process at the water treatment plant. Heavy rains have also brought up participles in the reservoir that supplies the city’s water.

The health department says the boil water advisory remains in effect until people are told otherwise.

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