Discolored water causes concern in Mechanicville

MECHANICVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – With their tap water this odd brown color for weeks, people in parts of Mechanicville want answers.

“The water has a musty earthy muddy smell sometimes it’s a fishy smell,” Sandy Gaudette, of Mechanicville, said.

Out of her faucet, in her toilet, and in her washing machine the brown water is staining her clothes. The water is often smelly and has become a nuisance for Gaudette and her neighbors.

“You don’t like showering in it, your clothes smell awful and like I said, even going through a filter it still has that odor.”

Gaudette says she’s been patient with the City of Mechanicville. The problem has been persisting at her home since the end of June.

Brown water is also popping up in parts of Stillwater that get their supply from Mechanicville.

She says when neighbors reach out to the city, they get few answers.

Department of Public Works representatives did not want to go on camera but gave us a tour of the facility, and even showed us the water supply.

They admitted to the problem, showing how the water has stained their piping.  At this point, they say there’s little to be concerned about.

Officials say testing that’s been done over the past week revealed that iron could be the culprit.

The mineral comes from heavy rainfall. The tributaries that feed the Mechanicville Reservoir are apparently rich in iron, so when things get stirred up with lots of precipitation, it all flows here.

Public works says they’ve shown their reports to the Health Department who says the water is safe.

That’s little comfort for Gaudette.

“Fix it. We deserve clean, drinkable water that doesn’t have a nasty smell to it.”

Now more test results are supposed to be coming in by the end of next week.

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