Officer recovering after Glenville shooting

GLENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – We are learning more about the moments leading up to the officer involved shooting Friday night that left one man dead and sent a Glenville officer to the hospital.

911 dispatch says they received two calls from a caller at 10 Pashley Rd. in Glenville. During the first call, the person said they were calling from the basement and that their boyfriend had a gun. During the second call, the dispatcher asked for the caller’s name but the caller responded by screaming and then hung up.

New York State Police, who are now investigating, say officers from Glenville and Scotia arrived around 11 p.m.

Brian Skinner

The officers claim a man later identified as Brian Skinner came at them with a knife and they responded with gunfire, killing Skinner on the spot.

However, while shooting at the suspect, State Police say Glenville officer Benjamin Ferretti was struck by one of the bullets.

“You never know what you’re going to walk into when you got to one of these calls.”

Senator Jim Tedisco says he visited officer Ferretti in the hospital.

“Although it went under his bullet proof vest, it just missed his spine. He was in great spirits. He was sitting up and that’s two days after he was shot.”

As for the initial 911 calls, State Police say there was never any domestic dispute at Skinner’s home and that he was the only person inside prior to the shooting.

The Shenendehowa School District says the 32-year-old was a highly regarded fifth-grade teacher at Orenda Elementary. He had been with the district for nearly 10 years.

The district posting this message on their website:

“We are saddened to report that Orenda fifth-grade teacher Brian Skinner was killed last night in an engagement with law enforcement at his home. The incident had nothing to do with his role as a teacher at Shenendehowa and is still under investigation by the Glenville Police Department.”

Skinner’s Facebook page shows an active and energetic person. It offered no foreshadowing to what may have lead up to Friday night’s shooting.

Tedisco said he didn’t want to speculate on Skinner’s state of mind or if he was trying to commit suicide by cop.

“On the outside, you can look one way and on the inside be deeply depressed.”

NEWS10 ABC’S Anya Ticker spoke with some of Skinner’s neighbors and they say he was quiet and mostly kept to himself. As for Friday night’s shooting, they say they are shocked and deeply saddened.

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