Police make record 12 boating while intoxicated arrests so far this year on Lake George

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – There have been a record 12 boating while intoxicated arrests on Lake George this summer.

Ahead of Log Bay Day, officials say they will be extremely vigilant this year as they patrol the lake.

“I’m hoping everyone heads the warnings and you know stays away unless they wanna come out and just have a good time and leave the alcohol behind,” Joe Johns, Director of Law Enforcement Park Commission, said.

Patrols have been increasing on the lake to monitor instances of boating while intoxicated.

Warren County Sheriff Bud York says these incidents have always occurred, but they are now becoming extra vigilant in pursuing offenders.

“We’re way ahead of anything we’ve done in the last 10 years,” Sheriff York said.

The new tools they are using to catch boaters under the influence include a gadget that 8-year-old Charlotte McCue’s family donated to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department to help them detect illegal drug use. That gadget will put into service within the next week.

“It’s sort of like the alco-sensor for alcohol,” Sheriff York said. “If it gives us a reading, that will give us reasonable grounds to have them take a blood test.”

Police say they will also be conducting a dive detail on Monday in addition to beefing up patrols.

“My advice would be to have a sober driver. Come out and enjoy the lake, we’re not trying to take that away from anyone, but Log Bay Day and Shelving Rock Bay will be closed down. They can expect to see BWI check points later in the day,” Johns said.

Patrols will be ushering boats away from Log Bay and Shelving Rock Bay.

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