Cake season highlighted at Villa Italia Bakery

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s cake season and that means graduation parties, weddings and so much more. Also, it is the busiest season of the year for Villa Italia, one of the Capital Region’s landmark bakeries.

What better way to say happy birthday, congrats, or even I’m sorry than with a tasty treat?

Sam Chiaravalle and her family have been helping people make memories for 52 years.

“We are located in downtown Schenectady right across from proctors theater… we’re open seven days a week, making cakes each of those days,” said Chiaravalle, head cake decorator.

Making a cake from start to finish is no “cake walk,” but Sam Chiaravalle is no stranger to this business.

“Actually for 11 years, I started this when I was 14 years old so I’ve learned from my mother and I’ve learned from my uncle who works side by side with me,” Chiaravalle said.

After she [mom] taught me to cut and fill a cake, she taught me to frost with her family’s signature buttercream frosting.

The final touches of each cake include flower frosting garnishing, sparkles, and of course, the message.

“I honestly love it, but what’s really nice about this is that my cake, my work, everything is in family photo albums,” Chiaravalle said.

What’s the wackiest thing she’s ever had to write on a cake?

“There’s some really funny stuff like ‘goodbye tension hello pension’,” Chiaravalle said.

Baking is a messy business and it takes a true artist to “let them eat cake.”

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