Local startup looking to revolutionize the helmet industry

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A local startup based in in Schenectady is focusing on motorcycle safety and their efforts could help prevent traumatic brain injuries or death.


The local cofounders of Kirsch Helmets have patented components that could revolutionize impact technology.


“The consumer doesn’t like to wear helmets,” says Jason Kirshon, co-founder and CEO of Kirsch Helmets. “They’re too bulky and uncomfortable.”


When he set out to invent a new motorcycle helmet, Jason’s top priority was to keep riders safe on the roads.


“I was attending a bike rally in Laconia in 2008, and approximately 100,000 bikers drove by in front of me where only one of them was actually wearing a helmet, and that guy was on a moped,” says Kirshon.


Kirsch Helmets designed a brand new helmet built to reduce traumatic brain injury and death. But the helmet isn’t just practical; the sleek design is the smallest Department of Transportation approved helmet on the shelf.


“Customers, the riders, are looking for something that’s comfortable and low profile,” says Co-founder and president of Kirsch Helmets, Donald Devito. “That’s what this helmet is able to do and give them without sacrificing safety.”


Kirsch is now touring the country at numerous bike shows after raising over one million dollars in initial investments, a business model that all began at the New York Bizlab.


“We kicked off our fundraising with the virtual fund in the Bizlab,” says Devito. “And from there we established support, and then we were able to quickly close the round.”


When asked why theirs is a million dollar idea, Kirshon replied, “Well, it’s actually probably a billion dollar idea.”


Kirsh Helmets is already working on developing helmets for atheletes, and even say they have a top secret project in the works.


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