Filming to begin for miniseries depicting 2015 NY prison break

FILE - This combination of file photos released by the New York State Police shows David Sweat, left, and Richard Matt. Matt, who staged a brazen escape from an upstate maximum-security prison with Sweat and had been hunted for three weeks was shot and killed Friday, June 26, 2015. Sweat was shot and captured on Sunday, June 28. (New York State Police via AP, File)

MALONE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – An upcoming Showtime miniseries is bringing some Hollywood heavy hitters to the North Country to bring the New York Prison Break back to life.

It has been two years since convicted killers Richard Matt and David Sweat escaped from maximum security prison. Filming for a Showtime miniseries about the escape is set to begin in the Village of Malone in a few weeks.

Those at Hosler’s Restaurant, who lived the escape, said the filming is exciting, but they also hope it’s accurate.

“We fed border patrol, corrections officers, the state troopers, and any of the volunteers that came down,” restaurant owner Lynn Hosler said. “They were here almost every day.”

Every Day, Hosler’s Restaurant turned into the hub of food and news for those involved in the search for Matt and Sweat. The two men escaped from Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora on June 6, 2015.

“They abruptly left and ran to get them,” Hosler said.

Hosler said state troopers who left her restaurant that morning on June 28 later captured Sweat not far from her employee’s home. Matt was shot and killed on June 26.

“It kind of snaps in your head and says, ‘This is really life happening. This isn’t a movie,’” she said. “But to see it played out in a movie, sure I’m going to watch it.”

Hosler will watch Ben Stiller’s Showtime limited series “Escaping Dannemora.” Auditions were held in Plattsburgh on Saturday. NEWS10 ABC photographer Lindsey Shumway waited hours to audition.

“I work at a news station, and I was here when David Sweat was caught; when he was rushed to Albany Med,” she said.

As for accuracy, Hosler hopes it depicts the animosity many still harbor for the woman convicted of helping the men escape. Actress Patricia Arquette has been cast to play Joyce Mitchell.

“It’s another buzz for Malone,” Hosler said. “They’re actually going to find out where Malone, N.Y. is.”

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