Vermont reaches deal to run water lines to homes with PFOA

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The state of Vermont says a company that owns a Bennington facility that once used the chemical PFOA has agreed to pay for a $20 million public water line extension to about 200 homes whose private water supplies are contaminated with the chemical.

The settlement with Saint Gobain-Performance Plastics announced Tuesday is for an area west of Vermont Route 7A in a portion of Bennington and North Bennington.

Construction will begin this year.

The state says Saint Gobain has also agreed to continue investigating possible contamination in areas east of Route 7A.

PFOA is a possible carcinogen once used at a now-closed plant in North Bennington. It’s been found in the private water wells in the area.

In New Hampshire, Saint-Gobain has agreed to fund design efforts for a potential extension of public water service into Bedford in response to wells containing PFOA above state levels.

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