Teacher panhandles by the side of the road to raise money for school supplies

OKLAHOMA (ABC NEWS) – Teresa Danks has been an Oklahoma teacher for 21 years, but recently she was forced to leave the classroom and hit the streets to make ends meet for her students.

Making $35,000 per year, Danks spends a whopping $2,000 to $3,000 of her own hard-earned cash every year to keep her third-grade classroom stocked.

“I mean we are begging and we don’t want to call it that, but this kind of shows that it is,” says Danks/.

Last Tuesday, Danks took matters into her own hands, standing with a sign on the side of the road and asking drivers in passing cars for money to fund her classroom. Danks says she made over $100 in one day.

Over 75% of the nation’s public schools have at least one teacher posting requests on Donorschoose.org, a charity website where teachers can request funding, and the public can directly donate to specific classrooms. More than half of those teachers ask for basic supplies like pencils and books.

Teresa is just one of many teachers struggling from budget cuts, but still fighting every day for her student’s futures.

‘I am getting emotional when people are like, ‘teachers like you are the reason why I am alive today!,’” says Danks.

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