Lake George Park Commission passes resolution shutting down Log Bay Day

HAGUE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The party is over on Lake George.

Applause broke out in Hague Town Hall Tuesday morning as the Lake George Park Commission officially banned Log Bay Day. There will also be increased patrols on the lake.

The resolution unanimously passed exactly one year after 8-year-old Charlotte McCue lost her life in a boating accident that was traced back to the party.

Sgt. Shane Ross was thrilled the resolution passed. He said he never responded to such a horrific call in all his years as part of the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and the Lake George Park Commission.

On July 25, 2016, Ross was first on scene. Charlotte was lifeless and the man responsible, Alex West, was nowhere to be found.

West was found guilty in May on eight of the 12 charges in the fatal hit-and-run boating crash.

“This is an event that was very small and quiet, and it grew in popularity into an unmanageable event where we had a lot of drinking, a lot of injuries, and a lot of drugs,” Ross said.

People in the area were also relieved the resolution passed. They said Log Bay Day has been a dangerous party for years that often got out of hand.

Cheryl Avaganao and her family have vacationed on Lake George for more than 10 years. They never participated in Log Bay Day.

“It’s too dangerous,” she said. “We have two young children.”

She remembered when Charlotte was killed and said it could have easily been her family in that situation.

“I was thankful we weren’t on the lake that day,” she said.

Avaganao said it’s a good idea to cancel the party and have more patrols.

“Anytime there is somebody that gets hurt, we have to re-evaluate,” she said.

Kyle Derepentigny and Abby Donahue have a young daughter. They said the thought is terrifying.

“I can’t even imagine that; that’s horrible,” they said. “I could never imagine losing her.”

Donahue is glad the event will be stopped.

“Obviously, if something tragic like that happened, then absolutely,” she said.

Local attorney Paul DerOhannesian said the resolution should stop people from trying to make Log Bay Day happen this year.

“Are you going to show up in an area boating while you’re intoxicated knowing the police are going to be there?” he said.

But he isn’t sure it will stop people from drinking and boating on the lake completely.

“It’s a big lake,” he said. “It’s dozens of miles long. There’s many other areas where people can decide they’re going to congregate.”

Derepentigny agrees.

“People are going to find a way to do it,” he said. “They’re going to find a way to go out on the lake. They’re going to find a way to party.”

Overall, those trying to enjoy Lake George this summer said they hope the plan helps people realize that boating while intoxicated can have serious consequences.

“It probably will make everybody take a look at the responsibility and what had occurred.”

“If they know there’s something going on here and they can kind of try and contain it, then yeah, that’s a good idea.”

For about the last 20 years, Log Bay Day traditionally took place on the last Monday of July. This year, boat patrols will be conducting check points and blocking boats from going into Log Bay and nearby Shelving Rock.

“Lake George will see probably the biggest group of law enforcement it’s ever seen,” Ross said.

The commission said it will also watch social media in the coming days for any talk of relocating or rescheduling, and they’ll be prepared to shut down anyone who attempts to hold the party.

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