Feral cats potentially poisoned in Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Employees who care for several feral cats outside their office building say they’re just trying to be responsible.

Some folks who work nearby want them gone!

Their home is a spot next to two dumpsters behind an office building on Central Avenue that’s rented out by the New York Department of Health.

Once there were more than 20, but now, their numbers have been cut in half.

“Someone is setting out poison deliberately.”

The alleged poisonous substance? The cat’s supporters point to a pink substance found inside the cat’s water bowls.

“It’s anti-freeze.”

Department of Health employee Karen Vogler says she and other employees responsibly care for the cats.

She says the animals are not adoptable so they even had the cats humanely trapped and then spayed or neutered.

Not everyone appreciates their efforts.

“They’re everywhere and they keep feeding them. You keep feeding them they’re gonna come back.”

Rob works at an impound lot next door.

“I mean between tearing up the vehicles and feces everywhere.”

“It’s a little poop get over it,” Vogler said.

Vogler says she has her own idea as to who may be behind the alleged poisoning and she’s filed a police report.

“If they don’t want the cats here, let’s have a dialogue and let’s talk about it. Don’t poison them with anti-freeze that’s a very cruel and painful death.”

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