AAA offering road side service to bicyclists

Credit: Pixabay

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Starting soon, AAA won’t just be helping you behind the wheel; it will be lending a hand to those behind the handlebars as well.

It is every bike rider’s biggest fear. You’re out riding your bike and you look down to see you have a flat tire. What do you do?

Who doesn’t love a good bike ride when the sun is shining?

“I try to go three of four times a week.”

Bonnie Germain says it’s a great way to stay active and take in some nature.

On Wednesday, she’s riding at the Corning Preserve – one of her favorite spots.

“I love being outdoors. I love that you can push yourself at your own speed and it’s just excellent exercise.”

She worries about what happens if that tire pops or the chain falls off and she’s left miles away from home.

That’s where AAA comes in. The organization has announced they will soon add bicyclists to their services.

If you’re bike breaks down they will come to you.

“Oh that’s my number one goal, not to get stranded.”

It’s happened before to Erin McNamara.

“I have a tire burst where I had to call some friends to come and pick me up.”

Then there’s father of three, Stanley Ibrahim and his daughters love to ride.

“This morning around 8 they say “Daddy can we go for riding?” I say “yeah, yeah, yeah.”

“We never saw something like that so it’s new, which is good.”

Keeping them safe is his top priority.

“It’s number one. I have to make sure everything is okay, everything is alright.”

With this new feature he can do just that.  It won’t cost anything extra for members and it works just like roadside assistance.

If your bike breaks down near a road, they will come to you and get you to a safe location or bike shop for repairs.

If you’re on a path, you’ll still have to get near a street for pick-up.

Either way these riders say it’s a step in the right direction.

“It’s a little more assurance and insurance that you’ll be safe as you ride along.”

A stranded bicyclist won’t have to wait long. That feature will be added to the local chapter of AAA in the Capital Region starting August 1.

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