Body of local Marine killed in military plane crash in Mississippi being returned to the Capital Region

GREENVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The body of Major Caine Goyette returned home to Greenville Monday afternoon with an understated procession through the center of town.

The beloved Marine officer’s family remaining very private as they grieve. Out of respect for them, we have kept our distance.

No sirens, no parade, just two State Police escorts, quietly bringing a hero back home. The procession, only marked by flashing lights as Major Caine Goyette’s body was brought from Dover, Delaware where he was flown in to a Greenville funeral home.

The Marine officer was killed in a military plane crash in Mississippi two weeks ago, leaving behind a wife and two children. On Monday, the pain resurfaced for Goyette’s family, friends, and community as his body was brought home.

Major Goyette was very well known and beloved throughout the Capital Region with family here in Greenville and in Waterford. A GoFundMe was set up for his family and has already raised upwards of $17,000.

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