Saratoga hat shopping is in full swing

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – It’s track season and for some that means shopping for the perfect hat.

“You can tilt them half up half down, all down, and the girls have a word for that … personal space,” said local hat designer, Nancy Matt.

In Saratoga, hat fashion is all about self-expression.

Hat designer Nancy Matt designs hundreds of funky and bold pieces for shops across the downtown area. She says the key to finding the perfect hat is by owning your personal style with confidence.

“It’s not as it used to be where you  if you had a round face you couldn’t wear a hat if it was a circle, that’s totally changed,” Matt said.

“Whatever personality you have whether it’s conservative or very vivacious just find something that’s very suitable for you,” said Beth Harr, owner of Encounter hat shop.

Track season has always been hat season in Saratoga, but trends change over the years. Designers and shopkeepers say that since the royal wedding, all eyes have been across the pond on Kate Middleton.

“Nancy was actually inspired by royal ascot this year in creating ‘the wave,’ the newest piece from her collection this year,” Harr said.

“They’ve always worn brims. It’s a tradition but fascinators like the one you’re wearing by Karen Soul, a local artist, they’re very hot,” said Natalie Sillery, owner of Saratoga Trunk.

There is no better way to cool down at the track than under the shade of a big hat.

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