Missing dog in Madison Avenue fire found alive 12 hours later

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A dog lost in the massive Madison Avenue fire Monday night was found alive on Tuesday.

Dar Klemm and Milanna Royster weren’t home Monday night when their Madison Ave apartments went up in flames, but both of their beloved dogs were.

When they each got the phone call from their landlord, they rushed home to find heavy, fast-moving flames engulfing not only number 408 but two buildings to the left and two buildings to the right.

Dar says she ran around the smoke-filled street for nearly a half an hour asking anyone and everyone if they had seen her sweet Macy.

Finally, she ran into a firefighter, who informed her they had rescued a dog.

He brought her to the truck where they had been keeping her safe.

“I opened the door and she’s in there wagging her tail. I’m so grateful. She’s on an oxygen tank right now and she’s doing good.”

There is still no sign of Spice, Milanna’s 12-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

After anxiously waiting for some six hours, she left without a home and without her pup.

Twelve hours later after the fire, Spice was pulled out of a back bedroom of 408 Madison Ave.

“They said she was under the bed up against the wall. She was definitely looking for a safe place to go. She’s a smart little girl,” Dar’s daughter said.

Dar and her daughter kept her company until her mom arrived.

“I was so happy. I lost so much stuff in there, but all of it will be replaced over time. She won’t, so at least I have her,” Royster said.

The ironic part is the gentleman that found Spice was the contractor who went inside to assess what was left of her apartment building. He will be demolishing it in just a few hours.

“Thank you for finding her. At least she’s still alive right?” Danny Ditonno, of Ditonno and Sons, said.

It was a bittersweet moment of give and take.

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