Crews fight fire at another vacant building in Troy

TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The Troy Fire Department continues to investigate an early morning fire that is now deemed suspicious.

It’s the most recent of several fires in vacant homes throughout the city now people living nearby are getting concerned.

Dywana Cunningham was at work Monday morning when firefighters responded to the vacant home right next door.

“To come home to a fire, I’m glad none of my kids were home.”

She’s lived there for five years and says she was never worried about being sandwiched between two vacant homes until now.

“It’s fine with me because I had no problems. No noisy neighbors,  nobody sitting on my steps.”

Now, she’s scared for her safety and the safety of her kids.

“I don’t even feel like it’s safe to sit outside anymore because of the fire,” Cunningham said.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden says the city is working to remove the vacant homes on its tax roll.

“We’ll go through and prioritize which buildings need to come down first that are abused on a health and safety viewpoint.”

The building is privately owned.

Troy Fire Chief Tom Garrett says those owners haven’t done anything to make the building safer.

“With no maintenance, they let it fall into disrepair.”

Making it unsafe for his firefighters to enter it and any other home marked with an “x”.

Cunningham says she’s scared a fire like this could happen again.

“They did that intentionally who knows they might come back and do it.”

Urging whoever is responsible for this or other any of the other recent fires to think about the consequences.

“If they came home to a fire or was in a fire, how would you feel?”

Another fire that happened on 5th Ave is also being considered suspicious.

The Troy Fire Department continues to investigate all of the recent fires to see if there is a connection.

Anyone with information is urged to come forward.

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