Columbus’ Nina and Pinta docked in Hudson River

Credit: The Columbus Foundation

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Replicas of two of Christopher Columbus’ ships docked in Albany today.

The Nina and the Pinta have been at Albany Yacht Club and open for tours.

Hundreds of people have come aboard these replicas of Columbus’ ships in recent days for tours of a floating museum.

“It’s living history,” said Kat Wilson, first mate of the crew.

Twelve crew members sail all around the world on replicas of Columbus’ ships. They sail months at a time and even sleep on the ship.

“Going into school you know you get to look at it on a piece of paper but living in it real life is a lot better,” said Collin Foster, a member of the crew.

This is the real deal for all the crew members aboard.

“For me it’s the adventure you get to travel all over the eastern part of the country, 30 to 40 stops every year [and] cities all over the place,” said crew member, Thomas Vath.

“You get to really live what it would’ve felt like back in the day,” Foster said.

Still, their first priority is to bring a little bit of history to the places they visit.

“You learn what the crew did what they ate [what] they get to touch [and what] they get to see,” Foster said.

On an average day in Albany, the crew has seen about twelve hundred people come on board to learn and have some fun on the Hudson.

“It’s a lot of fun to see the excitement on kids’ faces. They really enjoy getting that slice of history that we don’t get to see on TV,” Wilson said.

It’s a trip through time and soon these men and women will be setting sail up the Hudson for another adventure.

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