Potato Chip festival held Saturday in Saratoga Springs, “home of the chip”

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – The 2nd annual Potato Chip Festival took place Saturday in Saratoga Springs.

Snackers enjoyed chips in all forms and flavors from all across the country. It is the biggest test of taste for chip vendors in the nation.

Chip companies from all over the country come to show the people of Saratoga how sweet or salty their snacks can taste as they compete for the title of best in show.

“Families are coming in, everybody is tasting chips that they never thought they would. There’s a variety of chips, great vendors and great people. It’s just a huge fun family event,” said Gail Stein, attendee of the event.

It’s definitely the tastiest day of the summer at the Saratoga chip festival.

A family business from as far as Ohio and another from Idaho drove to Upstate New York for this national festival.

Legend has it that the potato chip was originally created in Saratoga Springs in the late 19th century.

The money from ticket and t-shirt sales went to the Saratoga Lions Club.

“We’re a civic organization that does work in the community along the issues of sight, hearing and diabetes,” said Lions Club member Dione Ramsdill.

There were wacky flavors like dill pickle, avocado, cheeseburger and even a six ton spud!

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